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Bitcoin time traveller 2019

bitcoin time traveller 2019The 'Bitcoin time-traveler' Reddit post has been edited, but nobody and was edited by the original account on October 27th, ,” they said. votes, comments. Update, 27 oktober Well gee, this blew up. Bitcoin should not be treated as an investment, it should be recognized as .

Time Travel and Currency

Share The Bitcoin Time-Traveller has returned, so what further information about the future can he bitcoin time traveller 2019 Turns out, none… as he reveals himself to be just some guy with a beef about Bitcoin.

It emerged from a reddit post, purportedly from a future time-traveller living in a bitcoin time traveller 2019 world, destroyed by Bitcoin.

Bitcoin time traveller 2019

Most governments no longer exist, bitcoin time traveller 2019 that of North Korea inexplicably does, and holdsBitcoin time traveller 2019 the largest remaining accessible stockpile.

Perhaps we liked the story for its sheer unadulterated incredulity? Or maybe we liked it because we already had some BTC and according to the time-traveller would be safely ensconced inside a future Citadel? However, if you were hopped up on Hopium and reasonably adept bitcoin time traveller bitcoin time traveller 2019 mental gymnastics then you could argue that the predicted figures roughly tallied with what came to pass.

Despite his current admission of a lack of concrete future knowledge, he is still ranting against Bitcoin time traveller 2019.

Bitcoin time traveller 2019

The hardest of the hard-core tinfoil hat brigade may still attempt to cling on to the theory. At bitcoin time traveller 2019 Liquid meetup in Las Vegas yesterday, he was quizzed over his thoughts on quantum computing.

Bitcoin time traveller 2019

Mow suggested that, although a 53 qubit quantum computer exists bitcoin time traveller 2019, you would need qubits to break Bitcoin. Keep calm and carry on people.

Bitcoin time traveller 2019

Are you in any way surprised that the Bitcoin Time-Traveller was a just click for source Add your thoughts below!

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Bitcoin time traveller 2019

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