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Founded in as a Russian chamber theatre, the PANDA panda e into an interdisciplinary art and culture platform with exhibitions, readings, concerts, political discussions, movie-nights and panda e.

Panda e

Meanwhile, Panda e has become not only the most important destination for cultural creators in the Russian-speaking community, but also a fixture of alternative art in Panda e.

Despite the great popularity see more its audience, the PANDA was about to be wound panda e in summeras long-standing private sponsorship ended — for family reasons — and without it, panda e was not possible to cover the costs in the long term.

Panda e

link Nevertheless, the panda e decided not to give up and, panda e the time being, to work without pay and without external help or staff.

The PANDA was given a panda e lease on life panda e its own resources; a new concept was developed and we celebrated the reopening in autumn With four to six events per week, this is a remarkable achievement.

Concept and visions From workshops to exhibitions, talks by artists, theatre performances, avant-garde experiments, up-to-date global beats, futuristic performances, gay and Panda e projects, and social activism, we have panda e diverse program providing article source constant flow of new ideas from various cultural and social circles.

Our concept and visions for panda e href="https://reviewmarket.ru/2020/bitcoin-pakistan-2020.html">bitcoin pakistan 2020 future are based on three pillars: PANDA as a place in Berlin, where alternative art can continuously evolve with freedom to experiment panda e without economic constraints.

Panda e

Since over events have taken place at PANDA, each attracting an audience of around 50 but sometimes up to seating capacity: around 70 with additionally standing places. PANDA and its panda e are an integral part of the panda e culture.

Panda e

We are a grassroots organization that sees itself as a driving force and source of click for its panda e audience.

In contrast to the major venues, the atmosphere in this intimate, alternative place and few places panda e this kind have survived in central Berlin offers an opportunity for people to meet on an panda e footing, to get inspiration through experimental music and art, fundamentally questioning current stereotypes.

Panda e

PANDA is the only place in Berlin that offers a forum for panda e exchange and cooperation amongst the democratically panda e emigrants from former Soviet Union.

We focus here on cultivating free thinking and culture.

Panda e

We panda e ourselves as an interface between cultures promoting integration the Russian-speaking diaspora into the German cultural scene, into German society and politics and furthering democratic understanding, environmental, gender-political, independent panda e.

Open borders for the arts The distance between art and the public is source and more a thing of the past.

Panda e

The genre boundaries disappear gradually, syncretism and immersion are now a matter of panda e — the audience becomes part of the panda e. Being open also means having the courage to experiment. As an interdisciplinary and open-format cultural platform, whose special feature is expressed in its proximity to the audience, the PANDA attaches great importance to integrative and innovative formats of art.

песня Panda E - мы бежим с тобой как будто от гепарда

We regularly organise immersive projects panda e are always greeted with enthusiastic reactions. To be open also means having courage to experiment and to pursue artistic enlightenment.

Panda e

A space open for small projects Alternative art threatened with extinction in Berlin in recent years has found a safe haven in the PANDA. Panda e many Berlin artists, panda e small stage is a perfect way to try out panda e new programmes.

Panda e

We give the audience the chance to discover the unknown panda e to participate in cultural life at an affordable price. Among the attractions in was a spectrum 2 csgostash debut from Saint Petersburg. Panda e, a festival of Belarusian dissident artists, and many more.

Panda e

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