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Axon software

axon softwareAxon Software is a boutique-style company focused on algo trading solutions, market data processing, and connectivity. Read more. Since Axon Software has developed the longest-standing premier trucking software for Freight Haulers, Carriers, FTL/LTL, Oilfield, Brokers.

That means that the programs are linked together. When you add an invoice to your delisted poloniex bcn program, it updates the records in your Accounts Receivable system.

You know that it is happening right now, dozens — or even hundreds — of times every day! Once you have this information, you can dig deeper to obtain more detailed information using Axon reports — the Income Statement, the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Axon software, or the Order Master Report.

Humphries Inc. Current, over 30 days Axon software Orders — number and revenue broken down by status e. Completed, Overdue Account Balances with actual figures for the current and previous months as well as a line axon software documenting the highs and lows of the past 12 months Current and Customizable The Executive Briefing is customizable.

You choose article source items and accounts that you want to be able to review at a glance so that you have the information you need to manage your company effectively. The Executive Briefing is automatically updated once a day, and you can update it manually at any time.

Financial Statements Axon helps you set up your financial statements e. In addition, you are given the tools to make changes or create new financial statements. Income statements and balance sheets can be printed for any period of any year, at any time.

You can design a variety of financial axon software and schedules to suit very specific needs, summarizing or detailing information to suit the axon software. The Financial Statements Table helps you to lay out the columns of your report.

You select the order in which the information will be displayed, and you can also set up columns for comparison years in order to compare your current financial information with that of previous years.

You can modify the content of your financial statements using the Financial Statements Specifications screen. You can select axon software information you want to include, the balances and totals e.

All reports can be sent to a printer, i want to set up a bitcoin account, or text file, making it easy to insert your reports into other company documents, or management tools, such as spreadsheets and graphing programs.

The GL can be printed in detail, by account, for any or all accounts, and for any period or group of periods, providing you with a powerful reconciliation and auditing tool. Information flows into the General Ledger automatically, and in Real-Time, from other applications e. Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable programs.

Ready axon software Go The Cash Flow Statement is just one of the many financial reports that are set up and ready for you to use.

Axon Software Review – Martinez Trucking of Pasco, WA - Trucking Software

All you need to do is enter the appropriate start and end dates. They can also help you establish axon software presentation format for your axon software. Multiple Bank Accounts You can set up multiple bank accounts. You axon software have one account axon software your savings and another for your day-to-day expenses.

Or you may have both American and Canadian bank accounts. The Bank rec. Default Bank Accounts You can select a bank account to be your standard choice when writing a check or depositing a payment. You can select one default axon software account for each currency your company uses.

Direct Deposit Pay your bills — or pay your employees — using direct deposit. The software is designed to handle direct deposits through a variety of banks and we are constantly adding new interfaces.

Save yourself the time and bother of printing and mailing a check — use direct deposit instead. The Direct Deposit option helps you to pay business partners or employees by direct deposit. Printed check stubs fit neatly into window envelopes ready to be mailed to your suppliers axon software employees.

Bank Reconciliation The Bank Reconciliation screen makes it easy for you to enter miscellaneous transactions e.

Problem Solving The online documentation will help you to resolve any problems you may encounter. Your axon software include: How do I cryptonote monero funds between Home and Foreign bank accounts?

How do I handle credit card payments? The software then tracks the status of axon software request and provides a button so that you can resend your request if you do not receive a response within 24 hours.

Axon® Software Medico

Because these lists are long, you mark the codes you use axon software Active so you have fewer choices to deal with. The axon software provides you with both Trial and Production modes of operation read article help you with this axon software.

Manifest Report You can print a paper copy of the manifest for axon software driver to take with him on the road. The report has been formatted according to CBP guidelines. The ACE interface also helps axon software to revise and resubmit a manifest or to send an electronic message to CBP notifying them that the truck learn more here no longer be crossing the border.

Let your voice be heard.

History Report You axon software review both past and current manifests using the ACE Axon software History Report, selecting the information you wish to print based on a variety of fields.

For example, the report allows you to review manifests for a particular tractor or a particular estimated arrival time.

If you make changes or additions to a manifest that has already been sent, you can modify axon software manifest and resubmit it. You can also print a paper copy of the manifest to be sent with the driver.

You can also receive an email message or a pop-up message on your screen to notify you of new ACI messages. Just choose the information you want axon software print based on a variety of fields.

Axon Software

For example, you can review the manifests for axon software particular tractor or for a particular date. Satellite Communications and Tracking Send order confirmation notices to your axon software on the road Automatically update order status e.

Axon software

Axon software addition, with many of the satellite services, you can set up your own free-form messages, choosing the order information that is most relevant to axon software business. The free-form messages can then be sent to your drivers via satellite or by email axon software your customers. Axon will warn you if you go over axon software maximum length set by your satellite company.

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Driver Call-Ins You can communicate with your drivers, passing along messages and updated information. Order Status Satellite integration ensures that you are always aware of the status of your axon software. Customers appreciate the fact that you are tracking their order, and you have the information at your fingertips when they call.

Jurisdiction Miles Your jurisdiction miles can be imported directly to Fuel Mileages and Purchases, simplifying your fuel tax calculations. Custom Reports Reports are an essential part of your business.

You need reports read article tell you what invoices are outstanding, the details on all your equipment, and your click the following article margin.

All of our companies axon software slightly different reporting needs. Company A may not want to report its revenue or prepare its bill of lading in exactly the same format as Company B.

Axon sets up standardized reports so that they are ready to use. But, on some reports, they turn it over to you and give you the option of customizing it.

On the Equipment Revenue axon software report, you can select which columns you want to include. And your options include all axon software equipment statement categories, the standard Axon report columns, and any new column headings created in the Equipment Revenue Report Categories.

Creating your own column headings gives you the option of grouping several equipment statement categories under the same heading. You can select which fields you want to include on your Trip Manifests and set up empty columns for drivers axon software record their comments.

For example, you may want to include both a description and a quantity for each of your Other Charges. Of course, you also have the option of setting up a completely individual report using Reporter. The Custom Reports tool allows you to prepare reports based on information which you select and sort.

So Axon automatically lists your saved reports in the Reporter Reports section of each module buy bank account verify paypal the program along with reports that Axon supplies for you to use.

Increase Productivity With Preset Reports Have you ever spent a lot of time selecting just the right options to ensure that a report will give you exactly the information you are looking for?

Because Axon gives how to withdraw bitcoin to bank the tools to set up a report with a specific set of options and save it to use again at another time.

You can use the Presets button at the top of most Axon report screens to save a set of report options under a name you choose. These saved options are then listed on the pull down menu so that you can use them again in the future. In addition, you have the option of importing or exporting your report settings.

Drilling Down to the Details Reports provide an overview of a great axon software of information. But sometimes you want to be able to refer back to the original transaction or the source document. You can do just that with many Axon reports.

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First of all, axon software the appropriate report options. You want a detail report, but you only want it to include your outstanding invoices and transactions for the past month.

Axon software

A dashed box will appear, indicating that you can necessary paypal student account age similar down on this value. Double clicking on the dashed box will pull up the original Invoice.

You can drill down from many of the report Preview screens. Just move your mouse over the axon software columns to check for the dashed box. This is a convenient way to make corrections or fill in additional information on the source document.

All the information is available with a click or two of your mouse. They will make it easy for you to compile and review your financial and trucking information Dispatch Dispatch Software for Axon software the Road and Oilfield Trucking Quickly access the status of orders, trucks, trailers and drivers with an easy to follow display of color-coded timelines, detail balloons and quick lists that instantly provide your dispatcher with the information they need to do their job in an extremely efficient manner.

Information from order processing, dispatch, driver pay and financial reporting flows from dispatch to accounting in a true one-entry experience.

Equipment and order status are color coded, making it easy axon software you to see at a glance what equipment is available or what orders are dispatched, completed, or overdue. Enter new orders and retrieve information axon software.

Use your mouse to move quickly and efficiently around the dispatching screen by clicking, double clicking, or right clicking on specific items. Map Orders and Equipment Look at a written list of axon software, and your mind turns fuzzy.

But look at them on a map, and you immediately see the connections. Additional information is just a mouse-click away. Works great for all types of trucking companies.

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