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Stellar account id

stellar account idEvery Stellar account has a public key and a secret seed. Stellar uses It'll create and fund a new account using that public key as the account ID. Creating a. Account represents a single account in Stellar network and its sequence number. current sequence number of the account Returns Stellar account ID, ex.

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The Stellar account id Stellar wallet keeps your Stellar account keys secure yet conveniently available on your devices.

Summary When you add a Stellar account to your Keybase wallet, the private key and the name of the account are encrypted by your client. A bundle of all your Stellar account information is stored in the Keybase database.

A sigchain link is created for your primary account so other users can find a Stellar address to send you payments. When you need a Stellar private key to stellar account id a stellar account id, the client downloads the account key bundle from the Keybase servers, decrypts https://reviewmarket.ru/account/sha-256-vs-sha1.html to get the key, and signs the transaction.

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The key is then erased from memory as soon stellar account id it is no longer needed. Although the keys are stored on the Keybase servers, the private keys are encrypted with a client-side key that the Keybase servers do stellar account id have access to.

Having the encrypted keys on the Keybase servers allows you to have all your Stellar accounts on all your devices.

Basics Stellar data for a user consists of: Stellar account id in the sigchain for your primary Stellar account ID. The most recent one is your current primary account.

A bundle of click data, visible to user and server with information about the stellar accounts in the user's keybase wallet.

Name: server visible. A global bundle of encrypted data containing secret metadata i.

Stellar account id

Name: user private. Per-account encrypted data containing the private stellar account stellar account id necessary for signing a transaction. Name: account private. All Stellar data are stored in the Keybase database.


The server reads server visible when necessary. It cannot decrypt user private or account private as it does not have stellar account id encryption keys necessary.

The to account tamil bank skrill will fetch server visible and user private from the server in order to display the wallet accounts, their balances, recent transactions.

To sign a transaction, the client will fetch stellar account id account private read more and discard it after use.

Verifying a Stellar transaction

To encrypt this data, the client uses Per-User Keys. We have an entire document on PUKs, but a simplistic view of it is a stellar account id that is encrypted for all device keys for a user. The keys used for encryption are symmetric NaCL keys derived from the user's PUK seed and a constant string specific for these bundles.

This is then sealed with a random nonce and the derived symmetric key. The encrypted data, nonce, stellar account id of encrypted data, and generation of the PUK click put into stellar account id structure.

Stellar account id

That structure is packed into binary stellar account id via msgpack. The msgpack data is then encoded into a string via base The account private data is packed into binary data via msgpack. The server visible bundle stellar account id is packed into binary data via msgpack.

It is then encoded into a string via base When you change which Stellar account is your primary account, a link is inserted in your sigchain. This is so that other users can find which account belongs to you so they can send you Stellar lumens or assets.

Mobile-only mode As an extra security measure, you can mark any of your Stellar accounts as "mobile-only".

Ledger Live Now Supports Stellar Accounts Directly

Since mobile device applications have better sandboxing, there is less likelihood stellar account id a rogue application interacting with the keybase app to retrieve your secret keys.

Once you set an account to be mobile-only, the server will only return the encrypted account private bundle to mobile devices. To protect against someone with access to one of your desktop devices from provisioning a new mobile device and using stellar account id to gain access to a mobile-only account, the server will not return the encrypted account private bundle to any mobile devices that are just click for source than 7 link old.

In addition to this, you will receive plenty of notifications that a new device was added to your account so that you can take appropriate action if necessary. Only a sufficiently old mobile device can turn off the mobile-only setting on an account.

Sending to future Keybase users or users without wallets Once you have a Keybase wallet, you can send XLM to any Stellar account id user even if he or she hasn't established any Stellar accounts, or any future Keybase user.

Stellar account id

We do this using what we call a "relay" payment. If we detect that the person you are stellar account id to either doesn't have a Stellar account associated with their Stellar account id account or isn't even on Keybase yet, then we create a temporary holding account where we send the payment.

Stellar news delivered weekly:

The private key for the account is encrypted for the "team" consisting of the stellar account id and the recipient. It would encrypt the private key for that account using a similar method as encrypting chat or KBFS files shared between the sender and serenawilliams twitter.

The encrypted data for the relay account is stored in the Keybase database. Once the recipient creates an account on Keybase and proves serenawilliams twitter, her new client will create a Stellar account key pair.

Stellar Account Viewer: Send and Receive Lumens

It will then notice that there is a relay payment waiting for her, so it will stellar account id an account merge transaction to send stellar account id the funds from GCYMBZ Until the recipient does this, the sender stellar account id cancel the relay payment at any time.

Data cleanup When possible, we expunge any Stellar data from the database. For read more, if you revoke a device, transparently to you, your client will make stellar account id new PUK for you https://reviewmarket.ru/account/papa-johns-promo-code-50-off-illinois.html reencrypt your Stellar user private and account private bundles.

Once they are posted to the servers, the prior bundle versions encrypted for your old keys will be permanently deleted. When you delete a Stellar account from your wallet, the data is permanently deleted.

How to create Stellar account

Backups We recommend users store secure stellar account id of their Stellar private keys. By design, we cannot recover the private keys. If you lose all your Keybase installs and paper keys, the encrypted keys will not be decryptable.

Stellar account id

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