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Tai lopez youtube ad

tai lopez youtube adIf you've watched any video on YouTube, you've probably seen Tai Lopez's advertisement before. Don't watch it; it's an ad. Save four minutes. Tai Lopez became the most hated guy on YouTube after a video ad ("here in my garage") for his self-help service went viral. I pushed past the.

Save four minutes of your life.

Tai Lopez House Tour - Official

Lopez tai lopez youtube ad the camera to reveal his seven new bookshelves holding 2, new books. Lopez tai lopez youtube ad that when you click on his website, you can here a better life with his 67 Step program.

Is Tai Lopez A Scam?

Sound sketchy? It should. Lopez went from averaging one tai lopez youtube ad views a month in July to million views a month in October With the huge boost in popularity came a cultlike following of haters.

They created parodies and remixes tai lopez youtube ad accumulated millions of views on YouTube.

Tai lopez youtube ad

People spoke out about how scammy Lopez was on blogs, forums, and online communities.

They even made dedicated hate websites against him. Is Lopez a marketing genius or a complete scam tai lopez youtube ad YouTube Lopez built a small following around self-improvement tai lopez youtube ad business topics.

Tai lopez youtube ad

Surprisingly, people loved tai lopez youtube ad and grew attached to his work. At the time of writing, his YouTube channel has grown toYouTube subscribers andtotal video views.

Tai lopez youtube ad

His presence made people so upset, it provoked them to talk more about him. Which was exactly what he wanted.

Fact-Checking 37+ Tai Lopez Claims

The master plan Every business needs a sales funnel or a process that customers go through when buying a product. It looks something like this: This is how Tai Lopez makes money.

Here In My Garage (Official): Lamborghini, Knowledge, And Books With Tai Lopez

Awareness Tai uses social channels like Tai lopez youtube ad, Facebook, and Twitter to generate leads for tai lopez youtube ad tai lopez youtube ad.

This is HUGE because all of the parodies, remixes, and hate videos people made about him is actually beneficial to his success.

VanossGaming made a Tai Lopez parody that reached 13 million views.

Tai lopez youtube ad

Vehicle Virgins created two parodies that addedviews. Craig has Dysentery made a remix about Tai Lopez that had three million views.

Inside the Garage of the Internet's Most Hated Self-Help Guru

Countless of other videos with hundreds of thousands of views are all about Tai Lopez. Blogs started to cover him. Tai Lopez even became a meme. And all this hatred towards Tai lopez youtube ad made tai lopez youtube ad even more popular.

How to master the one skill billionaires have in common

And richer. First, you click out of his YouTube video on to his landing page. Lopez shares an inspirational video of how he went from being broke to earning his wealth.

Tai lopez youtube ad

Lopez is crafty with his words and can be extremely convincing. He prompts you to fill in some basic info and share your biggest frustration.

A clever marketing tactic.

Tai lopez youtube ad

Lopez is using the tai lopez youtube ad tai lopez youtube ad against you. Sales This is when he tries to close you. Like a good salesman, Lopez re-emphasizes all the benefits you get when you join his program.

Tai lopez youtube ad

He takes it a step further by adding social proof from his other customers. Well now that we understand the sales funnel, we can calculate how many subscribers he needs go here make a sale.

If Lopez hasYouTube subscribers andstudents, he converts a sale at a 4. Any press can be good press… for some go here. Bravo Tai Lopez, bravo.

Tai lopez youtube ad

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