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Green address bitcoin

green address bitcoinGreen addresses was a proposed use of special trusted ECDSA keypairs that to indicate the origin of funds to a recipient. Assuming the recipient. Blockstream Green is a simple and secure Bitcoin and Liquid wallet that makes it easy to get started sending and receiving Bitcoin and Liquid-based assets such.

Green address bitcoin

Jump to: navigationsearch This article is about an unused payment https://reviewmarket.ru/address/ripple-on-exodus.html. For the online wallet green address bitcoin address bitcoin by a similar name, see GreenAddress.

Green address bitcoin addresses was a proposed use of special trusted ECDSA keypairs that to green address bitcoin the origin of funds to a recipient.

Green address bitcoin

Assuming the recipient trusts the green address bitcoin of the keypair to not attempt a double spendthe recipient may treat the funds as confirmed the moment they arrive. This proposal is generally considered a bad idea and not advisable to implement.

Green address bitcoin

As an example, assume website Z green address bitcoin incoming Bitcoin payments, but also trusts the green address published by Mt. Customer C wants https://reviewmarket.ru/address/bitflyer-europe.html withdraw funds from Mt.

Gox and send them to a payment address of website Z.

Green address bitcoin

A customer who does a green address bitcoin from Mt. Gox could green address bitcoin the use green address checkbox, which will result in the payment being sent to the "green address" derived from the special keypair as an intermediate step before forwarding the payment to site Z.

Green address bitcoin Z can confirm that the payment passed through Mt.

Green address bitcoin

Gox's keypair and green address bitcoin the green address bitcoin as confirmed immediately, since it knows that the only party who could potentially perform an attack to reverse the payment is Mt.

The concept originated on the Bitcoin Talk forum in and was green address bitcoin in green address bitcoin threads [1] [2]. Since then, it was implemented by Instawallet and Green address bitcoin.

Green address bitcoin

Goxboth of which have since been compromised and closed.

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